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Posted by on Jan 15, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

What do you want?

Last week, I talked about the importance of taking time to pause, reflect, and celebrate life – not just at the new year, but every day.

If you have taken time to ponder what you desire to be true for you, congratulations! You are an open, curious person, receptive to what life offers. I would love to hear about your realizations, dreams, and what has already opened up for you!

If you noticed resistance to taking time to explore what you desire, I invite you to explore that. What’s underneath that feeling? Is it that “taking time” is uncomfortable? Is exploring what you “want” uncomfortable? Just notice.

So many fascinating clues are revealed when you can get curious about a feeling or reaction. Taking a step back – to emotionally detach and notice – is one of the first steps required to create what you want. (Note: If you’re finding it difficult to see the forest through the trees, you may find it helpful to talk with a friend or to consult an objective coach (like me!) who can help you get clear about what you really want to create in your life.)

Why is taking time to consider what you *desire* so important? The only way we can have what we want, is to be clear about what we want.

Yet, without being aware of it, humans spend the majority of our valuable time and attention focused on negativity: on what we do not want. Why? Until only recently in human history, our existence has been focused on survival. Being tuned to danger that may lurk was essential to staying alive!

And, we move through our day largely unconscious! Yep, it’s true. 90% or more of all our thoughts each day are unconscious. We are having basically the same thoughts over and over and over again, all day long! (Shocking, isn’t it?) Our chatterbox mind rules the show. With that monkey mind swinging all over the place, no wonder the thought of taking time to do something differently seems exhausting – and uncomfortable!

But through focused, consistent attention on what we DO want, we can shift….

To help you connect deeper to your vision for 2014, I’ve created space for 8 Vibrant You Clarity Breakthrough Sessions. Normally $97, it’s my gift to you. Just email me now to indicate you’re ready! You’ll tap deeply into what you want to create in 2014! Woo hoo! But hurry, there are just 8 free Vibrant You Clarity Breakthrough Sessions available!

Thank you for being part of the Vibrant You Living community. You are a gift in this world, and I celebrate all that you are and are becoming.

To you: living your most vibrant life – now.


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P.S. Ask yourself the following:
1. What do you desire – for your life, for how you want to feel?
2. What ONE action can you take consistently over the next 30 days to move one step closer to that desire?
3. What will you need to let go of in order to accomplish that?

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