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Posted by on Apr 1, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

Tips for Manifesting What You Really Want

You CAN manifest what you want.

You know it, right?  And are you? If so, celebrate and keep doing more of what you are doing! (Being more of who you are. You have discovered the key!)

If you are not manifesting what you desire in your life, you’re probably wondering why you aren’t. The following things are likely going on.

  • You’re not actually being clear about what you want (therefore making it impossible to show up).
  • You’re focused on what you don’t want (which attracts the thing you don’t want instead)
  • You have a thought, belief, or perception that is not in alignment with your desired end result.

It’s imperative that you are really clear about what you want and that you believe you can have it. Until you create alignment of your beliefs with what you want, you will not create the result you desire.

Think about a situation where you’re just not manifesting what you want. Let’s say you really want to just make money doing what you love. But you have a job you dislike and leaves you feeling like a part of you is dying.  Now, right here I would ask you not to ask the default question,”why do I do that?” because it brings up judgments and triggers resistance.  Instead, ask the more revealing questions:

  • “What belief(s) makes it possible for me to go to a job I dislike?”
  • “What would need to be true for me to make money doing what I love?”
  • “What belief would I have when I am making money doing what I love?”

See how these questions open up possibilities? Getting curious allows you to step into a resourceful, judgment-free state, where clarity and insight flow.

Be sure to “physicalize” what you want to manifest. Engage all your senses in it. Amplify it.  Every thought, belief, and perception has a resonance, a vibration, that communicates with the infinite field of energy and attracts “like” energy. So with your new clarity, you attract into your world what you want.

Now, keep it up. As you move through your day, be sure to notice your thoughts. Anytime you notice you are out of alignment with what you want (eg, focusing on what you don’t want), just bring your focus back to what you do want. You may need to do this a lot at first.  The old belief patterns are strong but they will shift with loving attention (and it will go a lot faster with the support of a Belief Breakthrough change agent like me).

Also, since you want a positive outcome, it’s important that you raise your vibration to a high state. You can do this by focusing on all the abundance around you and all you are grateful for. You can also raise your energetic state by singing, dancing, laughing, playing, connecting to what excites, inspires, or brings you joy, and that you love. Amplify the feeling of what you want. Dial it up. When you feel it, state, “I am….[desired result]” Now you are declaring your intent. And you will begin to see things show up seemingly out of nowhere, in surprising forms that reflect what you desire.

Continue to see it and BE it.  Stay open to the possibility for “how” it shows up. Move through your day with anticipation and excitement. This is just the beginning!

Repeat as often as required. It may take what seems like full time attention at first, but things will shift quickly with your deliberate focus and love.

If you are tired of feeling frustrated because you know something’s missing, want more clarity, and are ready to break through beliefs that may be holding you back, then this is for you: I’ve opened up a limited number of FREE Vibrant You Strategy Sessions. In just 30 minutes, I’ll help you create greater clarity, identify limiting beliefs, and outline action steps to achieve your vision.  Sign up now!

“Through her loving and nurturing guidance, I
have been able to whole-heartedly accept my gifts.

Linda has been like a cheerleader and soul sister
throughout our work together.

I feel comfortable and am able to get real and vulnerable with her.

I trust her completely and know she is authentic
about her interest in me and my success.
Her expertise and intuition have been pivotal in moving me forward.

There is no reason to have to go through life and the building of your business on your own when you have the opportunity
to have Linda in your corner.

Linda is a gift & a blessing in my life.
I’m incredibly grateful to her for her unwavering dedication and passion.”

– Brenda Pineda Elias, The Life Studio

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