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Posted by on Mar 6, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

This is REALLY personal (but you need to know)

I’m baring it all in service to YOU, to inspire you to take action to clarify what you want and need to create a life you LOVE!

I’m celebrating a big, unconventional anniversary this month:

1 year since I took off my golden handcuffs.

One Monday, crying and anxious about another day at work, I called HR to say I wouldn’t be coming in…and I didn’t know when I’d be back. Little did I know, I would never go back.

I was making 6 figures but it didn’t matter.

The day-to-day stress and demands of a management job jam packed with meetings, constant complexity, explosive team growth, and warp-speed change took a toll on me. In the middle of it all, some big life events happened (aging parent care, death in the family). Despite my best efforts, I struggled for months.

I tried hard to hide it, but I was a mess. I was sleepless, stressed out, burnt out and used up.  And it showed – in performance. I couldn’t put my game face on any longer and show up.

But there was another critical reason I was burnt out: 

  • I was not using my strengths.
  • I was not aligned with my soul’s purpose.

Sure, I was making good money and getting ahead. But I was not doing work I love. And I was not doing it in an environment where I could thrive.

I am a creative being who loves to generate ideas, find solutions, maximize potential, and create connection. While coaching and managing a team fulfilled a piece of that, there was no room for creative, blue sky thinking in the highly technical, highly regulated environment I found myself in. (Think volumes of policies and procedures and rules to be followed.) I didn’t know it at the time until I had a dream where I shouted, “I hate being f*ing told what to do!” Oh oh!

In the name of advancement, I took a job that I wasn’t designed to do. I stuffed a piece of who I was, and pretended to be something I was not. I was dying a slow death.

And make no mistake about it: Low self esteem, shame for not being good enough etc. that result from trying to be something you are not are just as costly to the body as other negative and reckless factors such as poor self care, lack of spiritual connection, etc. Right livelihood is critical to our success and happiness. But somehow in this culture we overlook the impact this has to our well-being and ultimately, our bottom line.

I probably could have continued to fake it, had it not been for the “extra” boost the Universe/God/Source/Spirit sent to ensure I got the message. So the absolute blessing in this is that it gave me the opportunity to take a step back, assess what I truly wanted, and as a result, step into my calling.

And, I am so grateful. Today, it brings me absolute joy to help other women stop playing it safe, holding back, and playing small, when they know they are destined to do something greater. I feel so alive and blessed to use my gifts to draw out my clients’ truth so they can let their light shine brightly.

I do that through my proprietary system, “Don’t Dimmit, Dammit!” – which helps my clients envision, embrace, embody, express and enjoy their best life. It’s absolutely the key to success in happiness in life — being clear on our purpose, vision, values, strengths, gifts, and the way it is to be expressed in the world.

Connect to this and your calling is clear, work is play, money flows to you, and you love your life.

Would YOU love to have this kind of clarity and step into a life you love? It can absolutely be yours, too… and it’s absolutely essential to success.

I would love to talk with you about what’s stirring you. Send me an email to set a time to talk.

I can’t wait to see you light up and shine your light so brilliantly. The world needs you!

To you living your vibrant life!


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