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Welcome to Vibrant You Living!

Are you a driven, high-achieving entrepreneur, corporate professional or coach?

Would you call yourself an overachiever who wants to keep moving forward powerfully – without sacrificing your life and your health in the process?

You can do this! And you can do it in a way that’s in alignment with who you truly are, being your best self while doubling your income at the same time.

Hello, I’m Linda Rasch, and I know all too well where you’re at because I’ve been there. I’ve had corporate jobs doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing…and then having a health crisis that completely turned me around to what is important in life. Yes, we definitely need to make money to do the things we are meant to do, but we don’t have to sacrifice ourselves in the process. In my search I found a better way, and I would love to share it with you.



  • Be clear about what you’re really passionate about
  • Know exactly what you want + know you can get it
  • Create an action plan to live your vision
  • Climb your ladder + make the money you truly deserve
  • Be a high achiever without burning yourself out
  • Meet life’s demands with extra energy to spare
  • Connect with your power + achieve great things

When you do, you’ll connect with your life’s vision in a way that you didn’t even believe was possible, turning it into a fulfilling and profitable reality.

I know you work hard, and want quick, effective strategies to get results on your path to your new life.

It’s possible.

It’s time to create your new roadmap.


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